January 29, 2017 admin_rr

More International press for Red Reign!

WOW: Here is a brand new reivew from The Metal Mag in the UK!


Thank you Marcel!
Red Reign: Self Titled 2016 – 2017. Us Melodic Rock / Hard Rock band. The band got signed and their album is repressed for a better worldwide audience since they got signed recently. The band has a great potential and his already on top of the charts for their awesome album that reaches all the boundaries between rock and metal. A singer that has a melodic voice and awesome singing capabitilites brings the songs in higher range giving that album a lift in the air. A sound on their own we call originality making nearly impossible to classify such the influences varies among musical pleasure. At some point it make me think of Cock Robin who rocked the 80’s and sometimes the 7à’s with Van Halen jazy riffs grooving it all. Some solos will make you think of Dokken’s George Lynch, melodies from Whitelion, Warrant, Kings X, Poison, Motley Crue or even the Scorpions. Sometimes Heavy guitars bringing it a heavier touch kinda Hydrogyn.. well you will find your pleasure in that album such it has many ways of getting your attention and brings joy to your ears a brilliant album 100/100