Red Reign delivers a high-octane punch that bridges the power rock of yesterday with today’s contemporary Rock & Roll sounds. The Richmond, Virginia quartet came together in the summer of 2013 when singer/guitarist Carlton “Bubba” McMichael and drummer Sammy Lee teamed up to pursue their passion for writing and performing original music.  Bassist Larry Moore and guitarist Stevie Shred joined the fold, giving Red Reign the firepower needed to break out of the local scene and onto the national stage.

Red Reign Band backstage

“Over the last few years, the band has made giant strides,” explains the band. “We released a new EP, have grown a much bigger fan base and are playing shows in new markets. We have taken many steps to put the band in the right situation to reach a much bigger audience.” 

Red Reign caught the attention of Grammy-nominated producer David Ivory (Halestorm, The Roots, Silvertide), who produced the band’s self-titled EP which is filled with attitude and lyrics that dive deep into subject matters that touch fans in a unique way.

Sammy Lee speaks to the work that was done on the band’s self-titled EP with Ivory at the helm:  “David was very instrumental in developing these songs, bringing in fresh ideas to build on our original foundation. The final product was so much better than we could have hoped.”

Red Reign also caught the ear of wrestling stars Matt Sells & John Cruz who used the song “Red Reign” as their walk on music during the hit television program, AEW Dynamite.

Touring has allowed Red Reign to grow their fan base exponentially, winning over fans while opening for an array of artists, including Tesla, Saliva, Lita Ford, Quiet Riot, Dokken, Jackyl and more. 

Lee hints at what fans can expect when Red Reign continues to support the self-titled EP and can once again bring their potent live show to stages across the country.  “You can expect a genuine, energetic, high-energy rock show. We look forward to expanding on the national release of our new EP… and backing that up with live performances. Playing live shows is the most important factor of Red Reign. We are a live band before anything else. The energy we feed to the crowd makes every performance exciting and more unique than the last. After the show, we go out and connect with our fans which makes each show special in its own right.”Even with years of professional experience notched into their studded belts, this is only the beginning for Red Reign. “We will continue to tour any and everywhere. We are working on new songs and will continue to get our music out to as many fans as we can.”